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My Bio:

Hello, my name is Sam Morris and I am a graphic designer located in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in motion, print, web and identity work.

I have always had a strong interest in technology, especially computer-related technology. I first became interested in design work when I took web design classes from Cybercamps in 1996 during my summer break. Although it wasn’t very intensive, it definitely sparked my interest in the area of web design. Eventually, I acquired my business license during my freshman year of high school and established my business, Berkeley Web Design. I expanded into computer hardware and networking, and obtained my Comptia A+ Certification during my sophomore year of high school, but continued to focus primarily on design work. After a few years of freelance web design and print work, I decided to expand into motion graphics.

Although I love print, web, and identity work, a large part of the present and future is motion graphics, and I feel the field will continue to expand as more medias make the transformation to a digital interface.

I am a graduate of Ex’pression College for Digital Arts with a Bachelors of Science in Motion Graphic Design.


Currently I am a Web / Graphic Designer at Computer Courage, a Web Design & IT Support company located in Berkeley CA. In addition to my daily work, I am always looking for freelance opportunities. Feel free to send me a message regarding work, or just general feedback about my website.